I’m sorry

My dearest website,

I don’t know how to say I’m sorry enough. I know I’ve ignored you, left you hanging without any communication, I’ve brought nothing new to this relationship for so long. I hope you can forgive me.

Yes, I admit I have become enamored with other social media, FB and Instagram… I mean c’mon, can you blame me? They’re sexy and give lots of instant gratification. When was the last time you “liked” me?

I know I haven’t written to you in a loooooooong time but the truth is I’m really involved with something else. A book. And it’s been going on for nearly two years. Every night after work I go to visit my true love. Her name is “Fishing for elephants: Insights and exercises to inspire creative authenticity.” And she is a real piece of work. 80,000 words, 140 images, drawings, sketches, paintings, case studies on really good art, unconventional exercises to get your artistic engines revving. It’s all about creativity, don’t you see?

I still love you my dearest website. Maybe the three of us could, you know, get together?

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  1. Carol Platt says:

    My dearest favoritest website Blogger,

    Oh, how I have missed your amazing musings…How could you have been so absent when my brain needed your refreshing reflections on all things art, arty, and articulate!??

    Forgiveness granted…please continue at a speed that suits the book progression, completion and mega sales to promote worldwide creativity. So glad to welcome you back! ‘Liked’ you? I’m not of the tech generation to do ‘likes’…sorry; however, just yesterday I shared your ‘scammer’ blog with an artist friend…she’s in for a real treat on that.

    • larrymoore says:

      Hi Carol
      Good to be back…Thank you for noticing! All of my energy has been put into the book. But I do miss being humorous just for the hell of it. More coming….

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