Nature abstracted. Jan 23-26, Mathews, NC

ONLY 4 Open Spots Remain !   $575 

McDowell Arts Center, Matthews, NC. Daily 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m

This 4-day intensive class is designed to push your boundaries, enhance your thought process and your painting vocabulary.  Learn how to build intent in your work.

It is about voice finding with a focus on the components of great art making, how to say nature without being literal. Think Shakespeare with paint.

The level of interpretation and abstraction is up to you.

All mediums, all skill levels. It’s equally hard for beginners and advanced alike.

First day we go out in the field to do sketches, make notes, take photos, showing you how to gather reference.

Next two days we paint from references, sketches, photos, etc.

Last day is a larger version from all previous 3 days information.

We focus in on the components of painting and not how to make a painting look just like something.

This will be an exciting painting and learning experience.

Now Open and Class with this renowned artist (that’s me) will fill fast !

Only a $200. deposit to sign up for this 4-day workshop.

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