Yeah, but, can your art book do this?

I’ve been gone a while from the weblog. I’ve had so much fun doing it over the years but I got really focused on the book project and, you know, a guy can only do so much. Kinda dumb to ignore the old standard, the go-to venue for showing off new work and stupid ideas. But that’s just how I roll. I will make a concerted effort to post musings and funny junk because I think there’s a need for a good laugh right about now. Even just the little half-grin with the short horse snort. You need me on that wall.

So the book. It’s not like writing a book is a big deal, half the people on the planet have writer proximity, they are either related to someone who has written one, is writing one or is thinking about writing one. Or they’ve written one themselves. But, about two years ago I just launched in anyway. It started as a simple notion and blew up like a big volcano.

It’s going to be a very different kind of art book because it’s not really about how to paint anything but why… it is the how behind the why. A rather left-brained approach to right-brain thinking with 130 plus exercises. Here are just a few….

There’s stuff in there about how to look at the world a little differently. How to assess your world view. How to get unstuck.

There’s stuff about play, how important it is and how to do it and then how to apply it.

Unconventional exercises that are easy. Anyone can do them. You don’t have to be Pablo Friggin Picasso.

There are a series of exercises that will help you to think more creatively because creativity is not exclusively an innate skill, it can be learned. I know this because I’ve taught it for a very long time. In fact, my biggest AHA! moment was to figure out that this book is a broad view of a system I’ve used all of my life. With pretty good success. And it applies to everything not just art.

There will, of course, be paintings because it’s really pointed towards the painters but there’s mixed-media, writing challenges, free-association challenges… it’s all in there. And, it’s funny.

Can your art book do that?

I didn’t think so.

I’m also thinking about a follow up webschool because many of these exercises could use a little demo. Not sure why… I should just be painting but I really do think this is important information at this time. We need inventiveness, authenticity, inspiration, joy, exploration, risk-taking and we need it now.

Currently the book is being edited by a most awesome editor (he’s not yet seen the above examples) and is really helping to fine tune and also my dysfunctional grammar. I’m shooting for end of this year or sooner. It’s an ebook at this point but if it takes, I’ll do a print version or maybe find a publisher. Preferably one who won’t take the funny stuff out.

Keep an eye on this site for new info.


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  1. Pam Markham says:

    I can’t wait to get your book. It sounds great!

  2. David Sharpe says:

    You are one crazy clever cowboy Larry. This idea is so cool and great for painters who want to bust out of their conventional style. I see things I can immediately steal!
    Good luck amigo!

    • larrymoore says:

      Thanks David! It has been a really inspiring journey. I didn’t read another book just really looked at the process. It helps that I’ve taught critical thinking and have been an instructor for so long. I know that the exercises work… not sure how much people are willing to read but I’ll find out.

  3. Anne Brownyard says:

    …been looking forward to this since hearing you discuss it..,

  4. Edie Fagan says:

    Congratulations on your book. I’m one of those who has written one! Hope you can find a publisher. I ended up with a form of self publishing (meaning I paid for it), but had the help of Bob Morris of Story Farm. He’s from WP and is hilarious! Had support staff, etc., too and it turned out great. But marketing is a whole nother hat to wear. But I’m always up for a challenge and I feel that in you … even though we’re just FB friends…anyway, good luck! 👍🏼 I want a book and someday hope to take a workshop too.

    • larrymoore says:

      Thanks Edie. I had a lengthy conversation with a retired publishing guy who said e-book is the way to go. I’m really not up for eating the cost of printing 5,000 copies and then storing them for the rest of my life.

  5. Bill Cramer says:

    Hey Larry, Sounds great! I’ve always enjoyed your take on things. Miss seeing you out here, but you’re doing so well. Let me know when it’s out.

    • larrymoore says:

      I miss hanging with you guys too. Would love to paint with you again as long as you promise not to dangle on a rock.

  6. Just these appetizers are brain exciting👍

  7. RANDY MOORE says:

    May I be first in line to purchase a copy, which I would then ask you to autograph, but can’t, since it’s an on line book How would you propose to accomplish that? Be creative.

    Your Bro and biggest fan,

  8. Chuck Rawle says:

    I’d love to see this when you are done, Larry.

  9. Suzanne Morris says:

    I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!keep me posted…I want one as soon as it is available!!!!!!!! Congrats on this awesome accomplishment!!!!!!

  10. mary o smith says:

    You are going to sell out before you even get them. Can’t wait either.

    • larrymoore says:

      Mary-O It’s an e-book so it is infinite!!! if I do sell anywhere near well I’ll do a print version. But I’d rather not.

  11. Karen Weihs says:

    About time! The world needs you, your funny and your take on art life!

  12. Hugh says:

    I always enjoy and have missed your blog posts. I look forward to your book. You have one of the key subjects missing in education today. “Design Thinking” is touted as the new thing to teach in schools, but it doesn’t address the more basic need to teach students to think creatively. You might be interested in the 1960-70’s work and writings of Stanford Prof. Robert McKim as you think about creativity exercises.

  13. Sounds interesting. I’d like to see it.

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