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3 awesome ideas that are still in development for 2019

If any of these ideas interest you, send me a note.


Advanced level exploration under the Tetons

This has not been settled on yet, but is in discussion. It’s a creativity and abstract workshop held in the amazingly picturesque locale known as Victor, Idaho. It’s going to be in a kick ass studio with a couple of good friends and amazing artists. Acceptance will be by portfolio. This will be a high-level class.Since nothing is nailed down then this is just a teaser.



Atlantic Center for the Arts High intensity emersion class

This will be a high-intensity class at the ACA campus in New Smyrna Beach Fl. ACA is a wicked cool post-modern complex nestled in the picturesque deep-Florida grounds of NSB. There are rooms for the students, an on-site chef, a large high-ceiling painting studio that is open 24/7. This experience will not be for the faint of heart. It is a full on emersion experience. You can paint all night if you want. Go as large as you want.

 The thrust of this class will be refinement and development of paintings on a large scale. You’ll want to come with ideas for this one. It will help if you have taken my Abstraction/intention or Abs/nature class, read the book, done the preliminary assignments or all of the above. Or have a solid notion of what you want to achieve.

 I will challenge the way you think, the way you approach and encourage methods and materials playtime.

 With meals and room included this class will be in the $1800-2000 range once we establish 4 or 5 days with the schedule. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll put you on the list.


Nov 2-4/ TBA

Telfair Museum, Savannah

 The visual language

Narrative and concept development in art. Not nailed down yet but this 3 day class at the Telfair Museum will be in conjunction with a contemporary masters show based on the classic novel, Moby Dick. The show will feature works that dance with that theme. They have asked me to teach a class about concept development based on my Intrusion series.

 Developing ideas involves a lot more than just painting.

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