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Artists Helping Artists radio interview

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Painting when you don’t really feel like it

This is my TEDtalk or my Tedblog anyway.
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Oct. 30-November 1, Fernandina Beach, Fl

Island Art Association, October 30, 31, and November 1, 2014, 9 am to 5 pm both days with lunch break. A …Read More »


Sept. 28-Oct. 2 St. Simons Island, GA

Many ways to skin a cat (no cats are actually harmed in this workshop)   ANDERSON FINE ART GALLERY   …Read More »

Demo study sale on Etsy

We’ve created an Etsy page with original demos and studies for sale at workshop demo prices, ranging from $100 for this 7×9 to $350 for a 12×16. These are paintings that wouldn’t end up in a gallery so they arent at gallery prices…As they sell, new ones go up so keep coming back.

One of the most interesting, genuine and unique ways to create new art is through plein air paintings. Though the fancy French term may sound complicated, quite simply, plein air paintings are created in an outdoor, natural setting. This allows the artist to truly capture the essence of their surroundings and translate it beautifully to the canvas.

It takes artists years of experience to master the techniques and nuances that make plein air paintings so aesthetically pleasing. In fact, I've been doing these paintings for over 30 years, and have just begun to fully figure everything out. The difficulty of learning the intricacies of plein air paintings is one of the major reasons that I offer workshop instruction. My goal is to teach my students all of the knowledge I’ve gained since I began my journey.

If you are interested in collecting plein air paintings, I offer a variety of fine art pieces for sale. My colorful paintings capture some of nature's most beautiful settings. They are wonderful additions to any collection, and can serve as commercial or residential décor pieces. If you have any questions about any of my paintings or workshop instruction classes, contact me today.