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A series, begun in 2015, which asks a simple question, “Who is intruding on whom?”


To paint an interior is to wrestle with chaos, minimizing the things that are not important and emphasizing the things that are.

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Each painting is conceived and raised on location through all of the challenges that nature can bring.


Everything from landscapes to opera paintings, all created in the comfy air conditioning of my studio.


Abstract painting is the purest form of creative play.



Written by an artist for artists, this 264 page, 8 1/2" x 11" workbook can actually be used by anyone to enhance their creativity quotient. The first half explains the mechanics of creative/critical thinking, it's a left-brain approach to a right brain event. The second half is filled with exercises that anyone can do.  Most books on this topic don't quite get to the how part. This does with over 150 exercises, places to write and sketch and answer the challenges that are posed to the reader.
Here's a list of the chapter headings to give you an idea: Resistance, Acquisition, Intent, Connectivity, Discernment, Implementation and VoiceFinding. 
You don't have to be an artist to get the valuable information in this workbook.



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Greetings my creative friends,

I guess it's official, I'm a writer. Maybe no Ernest Hemingway since I don't know my colon from a semi-colon, but that's why God invented editors. However, now that I have a respectable website and have completed the 2.5 year epic saga, Fishing for Elephants, I'll have more time to devote to writing stuff here. Keep your eyes peeled for the occasional post, I prefer things that are either funny or educational, preferably both. It won't be every week because I'm busy, busy and also busy. I'll just do my best.

And also, I left a lot of the stuff that was pretty darn funny then and still is...


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