A painting I wish I had done

stephen griffin This one was painted by a local artist during the Easton event, Stephen Griffin. It's sizable, 35x40 to 40x50 ish. It got overlooked for an award but to my mind was one of the best paintings in the show. Beautiful tonal quality, great paint handling, unusual and compelling composition and fantastic negative space. I used to take issue with paintings that have the sails up on a moored boat.... they just don't do that, it's like leaving your car in drive with the motor running as you go in for your groceries. But I've come to see that it's just another step in the artists interpretation the thing, whatever it takes to make a good painting. I'm gonna guess that there weren't two boats there either, for sure the sails weren't up and perhaps the colors weren't quite that way and... who cares? What matters is making a good painting even better. I looked for a website for this guy so i could email and get his permission to post it but since I'm singing his praises, I don't think he'd mind. I would buy this painting if I had a tad extra flow and just may if it hasn't sold in a while..

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