Real creative time management

This blog thing is getting pretty fun. There are a ton of great comments that I want to address, like the similarities between writing and painting pointed out by Jaime Morris, our resident writing coach. But first a word on time management. You are, more than likely, a creative type, I'm assuming, unless you are reading this because you are a family member and want to be able to say that you did. Not to say my family isn't creative, they all are. But as an artistic individual, I'll bet you're lamenting the fact that you can't get enough time to paint or create something with words or music or fabric and wheat paste... whatever you are into. Maybe you are sitting there and wondering, "I'm wondering how other creative types find time in their day to get it done?" So, to give you a little insight into my life as an artist, I've charted out generally how may days are spent, so that you can look at how you spend your time and think, "Hey, I'm not that bad." Just trying to help. Next up, the self-confidence chart. By the way, fixing sink and fixing drink are interchangeable.