doodoo to redo

A few posts back, you'll see them if you scroll down about 2 feet, I put up the initial tonal sketch and an ill fated block in. It wasn't really that terrible but the fact that I over gessoed the canvas and made it too slick messed with my head and just made painting a tough go. I left it for a couple of weeks and revisited it over the last couple of days. I wanted to put it in a show at the Rieser gallery in Carmel and had to get it there by this friday. I was hoping that the painted surface would have added some texture but it didn't really. The redo was a complete makeover starting with a warming glaze to unify all the colors and give it a consistent warm glow overall. The glaze was a mixture of a traditional painting medium (one part stand oil, one part damar varnish and one part turp) with indian yellow, a warm translucent yellow. it's yummy. I didn't wait for it to dry but just started right in on the foreground. This took the better part of a day since I was still struggling with the smooth surface made even more slick with the glaze. By the next day the upper portion was dry so I used a semi opaque glaze of the mix, a little bit of white, a little bit of blue and a molecule of indian yellow to push the hills back. It dried almost right away because it's now summer and it's hot and dry at the studio. I put the two up together so you can go back and forth to see what I did. I gotta go paint stuff but I'll post more on this later.