Eric Aho

I've found a blog on art that is everything I would do if I weren't so lazy and if I were a lot smarter.. it's called painting perceptions written by a guy I know nothing about, yet. Larry Groff. It's really good with a huge amount of  in-depth writing on contemporary realism. I am always afraid to write longer, deeper pieces because I am not a writer. It's hard enough creating a cohesive sentence let alone a string of paragraphs that make sense and I'm just not that organized. Anyway, I was looking for this guy, Eric Aho, to follow up on the control issues I mentioned earlier.

I have always loved his work but knew nothing about him until I found this wonderful interview with the Mr. Groff. Aho's work takes the landscape to the next level. His process involves more memory than direct observation which allows for a more conceptual approach. Read it if you have the time. I'm putting a link to the right. This site has plenty to read and look through, there are a lot of artists whose work I like and I think you will too.

And a footnote... I just spent an hour sifting through the site and it is so very inspiring. I gotta go paint something decent.