extreme plein air

Apparently it's a thing now. Some guy became an instant success by filming his exploits with a paint box and a helicopter... wonder who funded that? I could use a sponsor like that. Hell, I've been doing it for years only I referred to it as "Not being completely aware of your surroundings" painting. You know how it is with the right brainers, creative first then logic later. It looked like a pier to me at the time, big black metallic floaty thing.... got a great view of the port for a little while. And where's the Port Authorities when you need them? Lost my paint box on that one. BTW, I would like to give a shout out to the Coast Guard, really nice folks. Who says they don't come in handy?


Then there was the trip to Pamplona. How could I know? I don't watch ESPN. Seemed like a perfectly good alley to me, kinda quiet with a bunch of amped up guys in white. I thought they were going to work at the hospital, rush hour in Spain. Sure there were signs, but what the hell does "encerrar" mean? Want me to understand? Write it in english... morons.

This one was more of a dare. Life lesson: Never take a challenge from an angry glacierologist, especially after making negative comments about his wife. I did, however, get two Guinness world records out of this, one for filling of the shorts and the other for shrinkage, both in the extreme units of measure categories. That was some cold water. Note to self: dress for the occasion.

Not sure how to explain this one. I vaguely remember it involved an all night surf rave and some roofies and a jet ski. All I know is I was sore as all get out the next day. I was totally bummed that I snaked the dude on my left (your right) he got some heavy gnarl. My bad, yo. Mea Malum.

This was awkward. Thankfully the camera guy thought it would be good cover to dress up as a gazelle, may he rest in peace.

Sometimes we just want a better vantage point. There was this red truck with a ladder going up the back. Nobody was using it at the time. Got a good start, probably one of my best but lost it in the fire. Just my luck.