fun with scammers 4

I have an idea, it's a crazy idea but it just might work. As you may know, I'm having a personal ongoing battle with the art scam society, or, as they are also known...  ASS. I don't mind taking them on by myself  but wouldn't it be cool if we all had a way to screw with these morons? BTW, there is a website devoted to messing with e-scammers, it's called really kind of an interesting site if you have nothing to do, very enlightening as to the nature of what ASS is up to. There's the definition of various scams right on the home page, it's a seminar for the naive. And their mission is to do what I like to do... mess with them.

So here's my idea. What if we all used the same response letter to their inquiries? It's better than not responding, it tells them that we are on to them and we are coming to their e-house and kicking their e-door in and taking their last chicken. Just because. And, it would mess with their heads a little... get them thinking they have contacted another scammer from ASS... like a fog bomb thrown through the window.

Here's a for example, the first is an actual scam letter, the response letter is written in their same badly busted english... just for pure joy of obfuscating.

Subject: inquiry

Message: Hello,

I am emailing to inquire about availability of artwork for sale in your gallery, if you can ship international and also if you are able to process Electronically Visa and Master Card Number/Expiry date/Cvv as payment. Let me know so that i can communicate with you on the artworks that interest me, you can also indicate to me which of the arts are sold and which are available on your website.

I will be looking forward to reading from you.




and in response:

Subject: inquiry

Message: Hello and you,

To your interest we have much fine artwork! Am happy to sent this works picture upon my behalf and to process with internotional shippings.

Me love you longtime,

(your name here)


Cut, copy and paste and done! If each scammer got one or two of these it would muck them up! Send this to your friends. if we all do it the terrorists lose.


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