going from one to two

I posted a painting a while back, a view of a lake painted on site that was 30"x30". I liked it. It was a nice composition and I felt it was a pretty succesful piece. But the last time I was there doing the final touches on this piece I thought, "hmmmmm maybe I could make this into a diptych." What the hell, what's the worst that could happen. It's in two parts afterall, if I didn't like part two I could just ditch it and still have the prequel. Which I still liked. I took the painting at right and lined it up in the studio and marked where key lines crossed over and then made color notes onto the new canvas carrying the colors across the border. When I went out to figure out the left side, I brought the ride side along just for reinforcement.

It was a challenge to take a painting I liked already and double it but I had an idea in mind, since the right side was busy, I'd make the left side not so much. Frankly it wasn't that much of a stretch because I pretty much just painted what was there. I think it turned out pretty darned good, a 30"x60" plein air piece done in two parts. Just sos you know I did put the two paintings on the easel at least twice and tie the colors together to make it cohesive. One thing that happened purely by chance was the creation of a near perfect circle in the composition. I saw it once I had looked at a thumbnail of the art but since I essentially created the two pieces individually it was just something that happened. Didn't bother me so I left it.

This, and much more, from myself, Don Sondag and mr Stephen Bach (all landscapes) in a show called Lyrical Harmonies will be on view at Crealde School of Art in Winter Park. It opens this Friday August 6 from 7 to 9:30 with a lecture from each of us. I'm pretty sure they will have cheese and maybe even wine. I've seen all of Don's stuff and it's gonna be good. Crealde is at 600 St. Andrews Blvd in Winter Park (Florida, not Colorado... I wish) 32792 407-671-1886