grays part 2

Okay here's part two from the "it's only hue man" post about using grays. Here i'm referring to grays as a short cut color, not a true gray, though you can use pure neutral grays too, in addition to a primary color palette. These are just puddles of middle hues, one is sort of a medium grass color, the second is kind of a baby poo gray and the last is a warm blue gray. The idea is to use these colors to get to what I want more quickly than if I had to arrive at it straight from mixing yellow, red, blue and white in the right quantities. It's way faster and gives more variety and harmony to my color.

The above three colors (and they are just examples of colors you might find on my palette) can be pushed lighter, darker, warmer or cooler to get to anything from the greens of a palm in light to the orange green shadows on a lemon or the blue gray can become the basis for shadows on a sidewalk to the blue of the sky with a few clouds thrown in. Many times I will get my drawing done and then spend a few minutes mixing copious amounts of general rocks, water, tree or grass color that I set to one side and pull from as I need it. Also with the use of this "gray" method, my power colors become more meaningful. Little notes of pure colors have more power when juxtaposed against these semi-neutrals.

Simple enough. By the way the second paint mix demo was done on my ipad.

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