I heart N Y

Just back from a 3 day whirlwind tour of the New York museums and a few galleries. 6 museums in 2 days. How is that possible my friends? It's not. At the end of each day we were physicaly and mentally spent. You can't even absorb stuff after several hours of viewing. The Moma, the Met, The Cooper-Hewitt, the Guggenheim, The Neue Gallery (Klimt-Klee), and one more that eludes me. Plus a SoHo run to look at galleries and a few cool shops. My brain hurts still. Got a few new favs. Not traditional artists by any measure but an installation guy named Anish Kapoor (i'm sure i spelled that wrong) and a nontraditional painter named Neo Rauch that knocked my doors back. Kapoor built this sort of inside out rusty submarine shape thing that filled the room so perfectly you could only see pieces  of it from the various entries into the room. You had to construct the thing in  your head. If you have any engineering blood in you it's something to see. I've said many times that though I am a traditional painter, my affinity for all kinds af art is very broad. I think it's very healthy to be open to new (and old) movements in art. Then there were the rooms filled with the icons of modern painting: Picasso, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Lautrec. To see these works in the flesh brings tears. All the artists I studied in my years of art history lined up like an artists hall of fame, it was overwhelming. The voices of these artists are so clear and unmistakable, makes me wonder what of this current plein air movement will be remembered, who will stand out. Only time will tell.