oldschoolWhile I'm waiting for my website to get updated with a ton of new stuff, I'll just gradually post new things here until the additions get made. Sometimes a beautiful painting of a lanscape is a marvel to behold and then sometimes it's just not enough. I like a story with my painting. I like to feel involved with the subject and the artist when I view a painting. Maybe that's why I go back to the same place in Oxford, MD every year for Easton. I could just paint at this one location for the entire week. Cutts and Case boat builders. They  are kind, gracious, hard workin boat craftsmen who make them the old fashioned way. It's a marvel to see a hand-made 65ft wood hull, perfect lines all the way down. And they don't mind an artist setting up in the midst of their action. I always ask, mind you. It's just the polite thing to do. I ask the owners and I ask whoever is in the woodshop I want to set up in so I'm not in anyones way.

This is one of those scenes where I had other choices but anywhere else and I would have been right in everyones way. And this was a nice scene. It just wasn't enough, though, to have it as an interior, it needed a worker. So I went about the drawing portion of the event in the hopes that someone would show up and do something in that door way. And he did. In fact he asked me if he'd be in my way, and I said "Heck no, this painting needs you, work slow" He didn't stand there long.. a minute maybe and then he came back once or twice. But I like the composition, like a little narrative to the painting. Sold it at the event.... everybody likes a good story.