just a suggestion

It can't all be about art. This is just one of those thought for the day things that caught my attention. It's something you see and wonder about... what is the history of this oddity? Perhaps the marketing department at Kinder Morgan was having a meeting and someone said, "Hey let's play up the whole Kinder thing.... you know, like we are the Kinder gentler company that ships large containers." Brainstorm session. "Yes, we can start right here, grassroots...for example, I'm thinking STOP is too demanding, too Megalopolis, maybe just go about it in a more passive way. Make it a suggestion!" "You mean like, You CAN stop, if you really want too? Make it more of a friendly recommendation than an imperative?" "Yes!" "Fantastic! I love it,and they will love us."

I just like the notion that someone thought about altering the thing that has always worked and seeing it in context, backed by a chain link fence, the idea seems stupid. It reminds me of a great little video about the committee approach to designing the stop sign, which, if you have nothing to do and need a laugh and insight into anything by committee, you can view here.