Magical thinking

I had a dream this morning, it was an awesome dream. I could move things with my mind... just like that bad guy in X-men. I raise my hand and think it and it would happen, starting with small stuff and then going to big stuff. Boy, did it confound people. It was especially awesome because I have always thought that this should be possible. I can see it happening in my mind... if I can think it, it should happen right? Just like the day before when I finally picked up 2 beatles cd's, abbey road and let it be. I'm listening to the guitar riffs that I memorized in college, my fingers following up and down the imaginary neck of my imaginary guitar. I got this. I can totally rock this. But I never actually learned how to play the guitar, it's just fantasy... magical thinking. I'm full of this stuff. Big ideas, surprising everyone at the party with my mad guitar skills,  surprising everyone by speaking cantonese fluently at the airport, an epic, monumental series of paintings, compellingly themed art installations with hundreds of figures. All of which probably won't happen. Unless I actually do it. Thinking it doesn't make it so. It's a good start, a positive framework for the big idea that will change your life but thoughts don't coalesce into form. Action does. Note to self.