Making waves

Sorry, I just always have to pun. I'm punny like that. I finally had the brain power to document a start to finish painting with the Oooops paints (return latex colors from home depot) block in and the oil paints happy finish. I don't think this requires too much in the way of verbiage so I'll keep to short words. One to two syllables tops.

Stage 1) Quick block in with house paints. Used a cheap brush and a knock down knife. Colors are fairly random but in the ball park with warms and cools. Thin washes at this point.

Step 2) Next round of house paints, found a yellow white and am using gesso as a white just to give the paint a little more bite and surface.

Step 3) Once the basic forms are set, it's another layer of washes to unify the colors... here I think I used the house paints as a wash but I usually use oil and a lot of galkyd lite and turp to wash in and seal the latex.

Step 4) Another layer of oil/galkyd glazes and opaques with texture, a lot of scraping, knock down knife and wiping out. Goal here is to get color to vibrate. I really should have stopped here.... but didn't. Love the freshness of this paint. The peakaboo layers too.

Detail. I shouldn't say this but I will... How good looking is this? It's not like I carefully constructed this, it's happenstance. Crap Three syllables.. Crap!!! another three. If I had any gonads I'd do this section at about 5 feet by 10 feet. I think I will.... Once my gonads come in.

Final: Wave in green and gray     I tried to maintain all the yummy areas, covered up some and made new ones. Popped it into a nice deep dish warm silver floater frame... Looks good. Can't wait to do the big one.


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