more new stuff

Another 30x30, painted on site. It was smelter swelter out there for this one, I was sweating so profusely it was dripping from the brim of my hat into my paints. I used the man-easel, the beauport from because of the larger sized canvas. It's one of the most affordable easels going and can take a canvas up to 40x50, only downside is that it's cumbersome to carry being nearly the size and weight of a bag of golf clubs. Setting it up is a little like putting a bike together on christmas eve but once set up it's as sturdy as a rock in a wind storm. These bigger pieces are usually one pass on site, keeping it loose, with a second pass a few days later. Since I couldn't get back to the site, I used a shot I had taken to fill in the details and a few years of compostional experience to move things and push and pull.