My brain at 55

I was driving today, driving the green mile, that's what I call the strip of road that goes from Florida to anywhere else in Florida. It's green and straight and Oh Lord sometimes the green mile can be so long. As usual, I forgot to turn on the radio or plug in my self hypnosis tapes and I just let my brain wander... only this time, I brought a notebook and wrote down all the stuff that floats through my brain that I almost always forget. As I drove the GM, I just let it flow and wrote stuff as my little childish cranium whirled and twirled... I can't take credit for any of this, it just shows up, stuff reminds me of other stuff and reactions to billboards and textures and dickhead drivers and owners of Hummers that are bright yellow just in case you couldn't tell they're a douchenozzle from far enough away... I can't say it's all good but it's what it is. Not my fault. What if God actually did have his own billboards?

An idea.... A specialty horn sound option to keep wildlife from running into your car:  a) Wolf howl, b) Lions stomach grumbling c) Grizzly snorts

A magnetic fake auto tag that you can place on top of vanity auto tags or ostentatious cars in the parking lot.I'm seriously going to do this so if you want a few, let me know.


Did you ever think that cars on the highways are a lot like blood cells in vessels and we are just like a giant organism?

I also just now noticed that the speed limit does not yet apply to me, I guess I have another 12 years before I have to worry about it. I'm actually 58. 


Of course, driving makes me think of big foot, which lead me to an alternative theory: Monsanto GMO's a collie.

Which then lead me to think of Monsanto as the new Dr. Morreau. Which lead me to this.  When Playboy and Monsanto merge. Or Dr. Morreau tries the corn.


And finally, at least for now, I thought it would be interesting to pass by a series of Burma shave signs that sort of cliff noted my life, in a weird way but didn't want to put the time into it... so I just used an old joke instead.

Drive safe, stay funny.

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