My workshop tutorial video on Craftsy!


I just found out that the tutorial went live July 20th!! It's a 7 lesson class with the Craftsy company on painting vibrant sunsets in oil and also in Golden Open acrylics. I had a great time, they were unbelievably organized and super helpful. The whole process took only two days to shoot but about a month of prep in planning, creating paintings and studies in various stages of finish. It was a ton of work.... but not, apparently, as much as it was for the cake maker lady. But still for me with my schedule, a lot. Here's a link to my Craftsy page and video.

We covered a lot of ground from start with small sketches, discussion about value, chroma, composition then on to value studies, color studies and on in to final paintings in two mediums... oil and Golden open acrylics, AND two different color palettes, low chroma/cool and high chroma/warm. It was a lot.

Here are some of the prep sketches too. I

I haven't seen it all yet but if you want to see the promo video go here. It looks pretty darn goo if I say so myself. If you are interested, it's also the sign up page. And once a week or less I get to chime in on questions that the class may have. Hope to see you there. Oh and you can take it any time, but I'll only be answering questions until middle of september.