Nope, that's not me...

I've been told I had a doppelganger out there, a guy in New York who played the sax and looked exactly like me. This is a tad different, I always thought there was a good chance I'd have some doppelnamers out there and here's the proof. Incident 1) I received an email this week from a lady who said she saw my work in Texas and did I have any small works available for sale. Texas? I don't have work in Texas that I know of, so I googled myself and found another landscape painter who lives in Missouri. Nope, that's not me, I sez. Incident 2) A guy emails me to let me know that there is a "gentleman" who goes by Larry Moore the artist who allegedly resides in the UK and is a scammer. Not me either. As my name is not unusual. like River Phoenix or Philo T. Farnsworth, there's bound to be a lot of folks out there with my same arrangement of letters...and I found a plethora, a buttload, legions, many.

First, I'll start with the coolest Larry Moores and work my way down the ladder.

Pictured are Larry Moore pro surf photographer (definitely cool) and Larry Moore race car driver.

Then there are a few Larry Moore the artists out there, here are two, the guy on the left (Larry Moore) is the one from Missouri , the one on the right (Larry Moore) is from Mississippi. It'd be really fun to have a show with these two. The guy in the left is good, he's had work in OPA and here's a link to his website LarryJMooreFineArt. The one on the right has his own thing but no website. love the painting though. I always thought that "Missouri Loves Company" would be a great state tag line.....

A little further over on the cool spectrum are these two LM's. One is a newscaster and the other, Mr. If you're happy and you know it clap your hands, is, well, I'm not sure, but his name is really big. .

This guy seems pretty cool, Larry Moore the basketball coach. I'd be happy to have him in LMA.

To my surprise, I found a slew of Larry Moores that fell in to two distinct camps; good and evil. This next group is all clergy, seriously,  okay one is an office manager, but it's similar in many ways. They are clean and happy and probably donate to the Give Kids Some Teeth Foundation. They can all come to the LMA conference and sit in the back pews just to see what that feels like.

Pictured from upper left, clockwise are: Larry Moore, Larry Moore, Larry Moore, Larry Moore, Larry Moore, and Larry Moore. I'm not going to say who the office guy is but I will drop a hint, if the Macy's parade had a Mickey Rooney balloon.....

Now for the far, far end of the spectrum. You really CAN tell a book by its cover. Guess what they all do for a living. I found so many that they could have a special Larry Moore edition of Just Busted. At least a few of them look happy... who's to judge? Sadly, one of them allegedly killed a cop, he got judged.

Pictured in no particular order are Larry Moore, Larry Moore, Larry.... well you get the idea.

Really looking forward to the next LMA convention.

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