Note by note

honoluapix2 Many times in workshops, when talking about the 3 aspects of color; value, hue and chroma, I know everyone gets the basics of it, value is the light and dark of a color, hue is the local color, the warm or cool (red apple) of it and chroma is the intensity of that color, the saturation (from gray to pure color), I'm not sure if people always get the relationship between the three. Showing someone a color wheel often gets the same response as asking what's 16x7, or explaining the difference between a muon and a gluon (not that I know), the eyes glaze over and the shields go up.. So my little subconscious brain came up with this visual the other night while I was sleeping... I should sleep more often.

Now this may not be that helpful or, for that matter, a new idea, but it sure seemed like a good one while I was sleeping. I took the simplest painting I could find in my files and pixelated it (obviously), which de-objectifies the subject and converts rocks and water into color notes. With a side perk of pointing out relative value and hue... but I'll get to that in a minute. One thing to keep in mind is that each color area is being converted into one note so there's some averaging going on but you get the idea. Warmer more intense colors come forward, cooler more grayed colors recede. Water is an arrangement of subtle shifts in hue and saturation while in a close value range. And two color notes can be the same value and still be vastly different. It's worth letting your eyes skirt back and forth between the two to see what's going on color wise. The black bar separator between the two is to show true value range. Not much in there darker than about a 6 on the gray scale. Oh and the relative value shows up in the apparent gradation that some pixels seem to have as they butt up to a color that is darker or of different hue/chroma. That's an illusion. It looks lighter because it is up against a darker color.

Not sure if this is helpful, it seems like a good idea but then so did bell bottoms and luxury condos.