On master painting

I'm a master painter, there, I said it. Most people won't talk about it but I will. When someone asks me how I spent my day, I tell them I master painted for a couple of hours and then took a nap. Some say, "And you get paid for this?". Why yes I do, once in a while. It's not like it used to be but it's a living. It's been said that master painting is a waste of time and that not much good could come from it but I disagree. You do anything enough and you will get good at it. Sure there's not a lot of money in it but it will pay off some day. And it's fun. Master painting with friends is always fun too, you learn new tricks and hopefully get better and faster. The best part is master painting in so many new and wonderful places; the beaches of Carmel, the wind blown cliffs of Big Sur, on a pack trip to the Wind Rivers, amongst the ancient cobblestoned streets of Cortona. Yes, I've master painted just about everywhere. So I was on a bluff in California this week with John Burton and Jesse Powell and I started in with this master painting joke because I'm a guy and I'm 12 and most accomplished painters get the joke. And he's a big kid and the next day he came up with a variation. Constipainted. He sets up next to me and he says, all dead pan and everything, "I'm feeling a little constipainted right now". Which, if you think about it, is also a really good fit. I've been constipainted my whole life. Hard as I try, nothing good comes out. Sure once in a while I get a good one, but it's few and far between.... so in response I came up with it's antonym, emancipainted. Which is like when you really do get a good one, the weight of being constipainted is lifted and for a few minutes you feel like a hundred bucks. I went to the rhyming dictionary to see what other fits there might be but came up with nuthin. Blanks. Still It's worth sharing. Okay, one more. How can you tell a master painter? By looking at his underpaints. Too much? Sorry. As I said before, I'm 12.