Painting vibrant sunsets in oil and acrylic on Craftsy! and acrylic.

I've just heard my online tutorial class is live! It's an 8 lesson class on painting sunsets in oils as well as Golden Open acrylics. We really start from scratch with little ink drawings, talk about value plans, color studies, developing a concept and taking them all the way to completion, with added tricks like glazing and final touch ups. The people at Craftsy were AMAZING to work with, super well organized, very helpful (I was really nervous at first but I warmed up pretty quick). We tackle two different scenes in two different palettes, low chroma/cool and high chroma/warm in the two mediums.

Here's a link to the promo video.

And here's a link to sign up for the class

It's an informative class with lots of stuff and you'll get more than your monies worth. It just went live June 20th and you can start any time though my commitment to respond is 2 months. But you can go through it all you like whenever you like. Here are more pics!!!!!