Polasek poster painting

The Polasek Museum in Winter Park, fl sponsors a paint out every year, or at least it has for the  last three. It's called appropriately, the Winter Park Paint Out. Each year there's a call for art for the poster, the criteria was that the image needed to include a piece of art from the Albin Polasek collection and or the grounds at the museum. The winning artist, who has not yet been picked, gets a $1000 and the poster. I created this 16x20 for the competition around this back view. I think it turned out pretty good. I started it on site but since it rained the next three days, finished it in the studio from an iphone pic. Being an ex designer I created a space for type... not sure if it's what they will be looking for but the $1000 would be nice.  One thing about this is the money. Do I give up a 2,000 dollar painting for a thousand? But in thinking about it, if I sold it in a gallery, I'd get the same amount. If they pick something else, it goes into the show, if it sells I get the same amount, if it doesn't it goes off to a gallery somewhere. I'll let you know how it goes.