redo #2

2nd revisit of a painting. This 20x20 was done over at Kraft Azalea park in Winter Park. I liked the start but it was running about 75% of doneness. I wanted to adjust a few things in the studio and not on site because I don't get caught up in the rendering of the moment and can concentrate on just making a better painting. I thought the main element, the tree trunk, needed more texture, more surface or I needed to thin it down. In the other trees there's a sort of rhythm but they all had the same weight, altering the values and hues, edges and surrounding environment made for a little more bouncing eye movement through the image.

I pushed the distant tree line back with a layer of half-paste, a mixture of medium, a little white and a touch of blue to give it less weight and set it back further. The ground plane felt dull and a few layers of thicker paint plus the redefining of shapes helped that a goodly amount. And for the final touch, more detail in the scrub palms on the shore line all this without losing the freshness of the initial block in. I usually feel done when my eye flows through without stumbling on something that doesn't feel right. So for now, I'm done with this one.

More in the works.

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