Search engine minutiae

Not for nothin but the thing I love about Wordpress is the stats, they show how many people visited your blog and what they looked at, though not who the are. One of the features is the search engine terms that lead a few stray seekers to my little soap box derby. Every day one or two people search for medieval knight paintings, I have a series of posts on that, next up would be cave paintings and the Chauvet caves, also something I wrote about a while back.  Search engines are a marvel, I want to find some obscure thing or image and within a millisecond it goes through every website and source and finds a quarter of a million possibilities. It's magic. Could you have possibly imagined such a thing when you were a teen? Also the single greatest referrer is my own website, a good case for having a decent website. Oh and one of the fun little mysteries that I have yet to figure out is the viewing pattern, I can post something that I think might be most interesting to my fellow painters and get nothing and then post something that is nothing out of the ordinary and the spike is most interesting. It's a magical mystery.