The paint bucket list amended

One source of inspiration in my journey of art making is the appreciation of the work and accomplishments of other artists, both living and deceased. I constantly look at other artists paintings, like and unlike, and admire the way they approach their craft. It's a wonder that though we as artists need for people to acquire our work in order to continue down our path, it's rare that we (or should I say "I") go out an buy someone else's work. Don't get me wrong, if I had a big bushel of extra cash, I would go right out and buy as much art as I could, but for now most of my collection comes from trading paintings. I have had the great honor of having other artists I admire either offer to trade or the even greater honor of purchasing one of my paintings and I've slowly begun to build my own personal collection of favorite artists. I have never approached another artist for a trade for fear that they may say no thanks. So it happens slowly. If an artist starts talking about trading art in general, I see that as an opening to offer it, otherwise I keep quiet.

The top painting is from Tim Bell of Maryland and the one directly above is from Jesse Powell of California, two artists I greatly admire. In addition to these two I now have paintings from the following realist painters:

Stephen Bach

Joshua Been John Burton Matthew Cornell Scott Christensen (okay, it's not an actual Scott C but one that he reworked during a workshop) Rose Frantzen Robert Isley

Billyo O'donnell Roberto Ortega

Colin Page John Poon

Lori Putnam Morgan Samual Price

Tom Sadler Randy Sexton

Brian Mark Taylor I feel like I'm leaving someone out here but will check when I get home.

If money were no object, here a just a few realist painters that I would collect:

Bill Anton John Burton (a real JB and not just the small study that I have) Scott Christensen ( a real painting, not a rework of one of mine) Dean Cornwell (deceased) Kim English Another Rose Frantzen Marc Hansen Herman Herzog (deceased) Thomas Kitts (just got to know him, he's good) Paul Laurits (deceased) T Allen Lawson Charles Movalli Edgar Payne (deceased) Scott Tallman Powers Camille Przwodek Ray Roberts Matt Smith Don Sondag (he's right here and I keep meaning to get one) Any of the golden era illustrators like Tom Lovell, Saul Tepper, etc)

Okay the list could go on for days and it doesn't include the vast array of non-realist artists that I like... start your collection today because I can't tell you how much I get from each of these paintings.