The reviews are in...

Yes, the reviews are in! While no one actually commented about the brilliant short shark and dolphin film in the last post that both began and ended my film career, I do have the comments of the many spammers from the four corners of the earth, and all I can say to you, my spam friends, is.... thank you. And for the record, I did not make any of these up.

C section scar treatment says “You should take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the web.” I'm with you C section.

Hypnosis Cheltenham writes “This really answered my downside, thank you!” Just like lithium!

Asian beavers posts “Like it … very well pointed!” Thank you Ms. Beavers, can I call you Asian?

Caramoan Hotels writes “i love to use memory foams because they are soft and they can make impressions” and also “the internet is always the source of cheap stuffs” Wow!

From Ms Lora Seinau “Appreciate your this rightful submit and I’m hopwill this way modern notion.’ I have no idea what you are saying.....

and Mr Robert Fox says ”I am robert fox.” Yes, we are like brothers.

Planking Fail “Why do you even bother...” Always a good question.

Cheap international calls writes “heft variety relative to beneficial upon them!” Awesome!

and from Simply click here, “Dude.” Simply said my friend, simply said.