West to Molokai

One more from Maui, and there will be several more coming, that I'm pretty happy with, at least in terms of composition. It's a 16x16, which doesn't really sound that big but it is when you are trying to paint the whole thing in an hour and a half. I started this at 4:00 pm and sunset is around 6, since I like to get all the pieces parts placed before I start really deciding to do with it, I needed to finish the block in within a fairly short time. The sky was like that for maybe ten minutes. The wind was up, the water was, at it tends to, perpetually shifting in color and texture. I got it block in and tweaked within the time limit but it needed more. This place was on the far side of the island so more than likely I wouldn't be back at this spot during the same time. After a day or two I took the dried painting down to a local beach and set up studio under a large pine with the surf crashing nearby and repainted the whole thing from memory. I had taken pics of this day, I think but I never looked at them, just moved color and value and shape around for better effect. I like this one, it has a nice rawness to it, heavier impasto, a little more drama than usual. It didn't sell and is coming back from the island, I'll take another look at it and, hopefully, won't fuss with it. We'll see.