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Plein Air South, May 12-16

The fingerprint of the artist

This is going to be a busy year for presentations and such. I’ll be presenting again this year at the Plein Air South symposium. Held in the rising phoenix that is Port St. Joe and Aplachicola… and this is what I’ll be talking about:

The fingerprint of the artist.
What makes an artist unique? How is it that we can identify a favorite painter in a sea of paintings in the blink of an eye? Style, the fingerprint of the artist, is comprised of a unique grouping of the components of the visual language: color, value, edge, shape, drawing, mark making, intent. Learn the process of developing an approach that is unique and authentic to you. 


Plein Air South is a wonderful, fun, friendly event with these amazing artists and phenomenal people. I know them all (not braggin, just sayin’) as good, smart, brilliant, giving people. Y’all come paint!

I know that it is filling up (not just a marketing catch phrase, it is) so get on it if you have not done so already. Go here Plein Air South to find out more.

See you there.