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3 awesome ideas that are still in development for 2019

If any of these ideas interest you, send me a note. larry@larrymooretudios.com


Advanced level exploration under the Tetons

This has not been settled on yet, but is in discussion. It’s a creativity and abstract workshop held in the amazingly picturesque locale known as Victor, Idaho. It’s going to be in a kick ass studio with a couple of good friends and amazing artists. Acceptance will be by portfolio. This will be a high-level class.Since nothing is nailed down then this is just a teaser.



Atlantic Center for the Arts High intensity emersion class

This will be a high-intensity class at the ACA campus in New Smyrna Beach Fl. ACA is a wicked cool post-modern complex nestled in the picturesque deep-Florida grounds of NSB. There are rooms for the students, an on-site chef, a large high-ceiling painting studio that is open 24/7. This experience will not be for the faint of heart. It is a full on emersion experience. You can paint all night if you want. Go as large as you want.

 The thrust of this class will be refinement and development of paintings on a large scale. You’ll want to come with ideas for this one. It will help if you have taken my Abstraction/intention or Abs/nature class, read the book, done the preliminary assignments or all of the above. Or have a solid notion of what you want to achieve.

 I will challenge the way you think, the way you approach and encourage methods and materials playtime.

 With meals and room included this class will be in the $1800-2000 range once we establish 4 or 5 days with the schedule. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll put you on the list.


Nov 2-4/ TBA

Telfair Museum, Savannah

 The visual language

Narrative and concept development in art. Not nailed down yet but this 3 day class at the Telfair Museum will be in conjunction with a contemporary masters show based on the classic novel, Moby Dick. The show will feature works that dance with that theme. They have asked me to teach a class about concept development based on my Intrusion series.

 Developing ideas involves a lot more than just painting.

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to Nov 1

Oct. 30-Nov. 1 Telfair Museum of Art, Savannah, Ga The visual language

The visual language/ Summon the seas 


A 3-day workshop in conjunction with the Telfair Museum in Savannah SC and the exhibit, Summon the Sea, Contemporary artists and Moby Dick.

Ys, the fabled city that sank into the sea as a result of the hubris of its king.

Ys, the fabled city that sank into the sea as a result of the hubris of its king.

The Visual Language workshop is designed to help the artist generate richer, more personal responses to subject/object, incorporating the methods that facilitate digging deeper, concept generation and development, implementation and the relevance of materials and mediums. The class will address components of 2-dimensional communication: concept, narrative, written word, form, paint, collage, mark-making, edge, symbolism, and metaphor. While there will be some emphasis on painting, this is a conceptual process, mixed-media workshop. All levels and mediums are welcome.

The Summon the sea exhibit examines the work of six contemporary artists—Corey Arnold, Guy Ben-Ner, Patty Chang, Tristin Lowe, Allan Sekula, and Frank Stella—who act as epic storytellers as they respond to, challenge, and celebrate the allegories presented in Melville’s literary classic. We examine, through this event and explorative exercises, our own ability to respond and communicate through narrative, allegory and story.

To sign up/for more info, go to https://3288.blackbaudhosting.com/3288/2019-Larry-Moore
912.790.8823 www.telfair.org

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to Dec 8

Digging deeper: explorations in self-expression Dec 3-7, 2019

Digging deeper: explorations in self-expression

Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna, Fl  December 2-8, 2019

ACA retreat in residence workshop 

Five FULL studio days December 3-7  9 am to 5pm (studio is open 24-5)

With 6 nights lodging, breakfast, lunch and dinner

Check in Monday, Dec 2 after 4 pm Check out Sunday morning Dec 8

An amazing campus nestled in lush Florida ecology with a large, killer studio and 24 hr access.

An amazing campus nestled in lush Florida ecology with a large, killer studio and 24 hr access.

 I am very excited to offer this class in this format and in this space.

This retreat is limited to 11 intermediate/advanced artists who wish to dive more deeply into their work on a larger scale. If you have taken any of my classes (Abstraction from Nature), or have read my book, Fishing for Elephants, are at an intermediate level (know how to mix and move paint), or at an advanced level but feeling stuck. This is your personal exploration place.


ACA is a gorgeous, inspirational post-modern style multi-arts facility that is nestled deep in authentic Florida terrain just 100 yards from the river and 2 miles from the ocean. Each artist is invited to stay on campus in simple yet comfortable accommodations away from the distractions of the world, where all needs are taken care of by the resident chef, our workshop coordinator, Beau Wild, and myself as your instructor and creative guide.

The high-ceiling open studio spaces will accommodate larger work (up to 60”), a fuller range of movement, and deeper thought. We will focus on developing/refining intent through a series of exercises (some will come in advance to prepare for the retreat), extracting more authentic expression and concept while developing methods/materials process to better reframe, refine and perfect your authentic voice.

Artist lodging. Perfect for no distractions thinking and introspection.

Artist lodging. Perfect for no distractions thinking and introspection.

The focus is on you, finding your intent, developing large concepts, perfecting voice. Each artist will be encouraged to work multiple canvases at once with the added benefit of having 24-hour access to the studio. You want to paint after a scrumptious meal in a dining room surrounded in lush palms? You can. We will also have daily discussions, exercises, and critiques. This will be a deep immersion, next level experience for you and your work.

This is an all-mediums class, I have worked extensively in oil, acrylic, pastel and gouache and have extensive experience with methods/materials/large format.

Great architecture and a warm, open dining hall.

Great architecture and a warm, open dining hall.

Because of ACA deposit requirements the following is the payment schedule to hold your spot:



On Campus fee:  $2050

  Deposit: $500 to reserve your place, $775 due by July 1, 2019,  $775 due by Sept 1.


Off Campus fee: $1750

  Deposit: $500 to reserve your place, $625 due by July 1, $625 due by Sept 1.

If paying by credit card a 4% fee applies.

Tuition includes:


Tues Dec 3- Saturday Dec 7, 2019; 9AM–5PM

 • 3 chef prepared meals per day for 5 days*

   *price does not include tip for Chef Tom

• 6 nights of lodging (on campus fee)

• Instruction, guidance, group and individual critiques, assignments, demos and lectures by yours truly.

Arrival and Set Up: Monday, Dec 2, 2019 Check into overnight ACA accommodations after 4 pm

Workshop Begins: Tuesday, Dec 3 at 9 am

Workshop Ends: Saturday Dec 7, 5 pm Departure: Dec 8 (checkout before 10 am)

 The artist provides all their own supplies and equipment.  If you wish to ship materials , we will provide you with the shipping address.

For class related questions, email me at stoopidindustries@gmail.com

Contact: Beau Wild at beauwild4@gmail.com or Phone # 386-322-4249

Make checks payable to Beau Wild

Mail checks and the signed liability form* to:

Beau Wild, 5960 Riverside Drive, Port Orange Fl 32127


This workshop is limited to 11 participants

Art supply list and assignments will be provided closer to event.


To see the amazing Atlantic Art Center, its surrounds and all that they offer, please go to



* see below form or email me at stoopidindustries@gmail.com or beauwild4@gmail.com for a copy of the liability form. 

liability form.jpeg




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to Aug 9

August 5-9 Coastal Maine Art Workshops

Plein air with expressive intent, Belfast Maine

Coastal Maine Art Workshops


This is an expressive voice development in the field class in Maine! You really can’t miss with this location, so much inspiration, so much to paint and pull from. I’m incorporating all of the components of creativity and paint methods, different ways to think, start a painting, finish. Developing the inner critic, thoughtful exploration, freedom of expression…. it’s a deeper level of painting on location. All mediums welcome. Some experience in painting is helpful. You can’t go in the deep end of the pool unless you can swim.



Lynn Johnson Donovan    info@cmaworkshops.com  207-594-4813

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Abstraction from nature in Victor Idaho  July 11-14
to Jul 14

Abstraction from nature in Victor Idaho July 11-14

  • Scott Christensen studio (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

4 day class $575 (Full with wait list)

Scott Christensen has graciously offered to host this workshop in his studio in Victor, Idaho. He has the Teton’s in his back yard, horses, barns, hay bales, trees and also rivers. There is so much in the way of natural inspiration that it’s just overwhelming.

Want to push yourself creatively? The best way to grow as an artist is to extend your boundaries and explore new territory. This 4 day class is designed to reframe the way you see and retool the way you think about painting. We focus on and isolate the components of creating that are important to you: design, interpretation, content, concept, color, abstraction, materials and way more. The lessons you learn from this class will broaden and expand your existing way of working and, perhaps, start you off on a whole new path. We will be working in gouache and oil (preferred) or the medium of your choice.

Two requirements for this class are that you need to have at least 2 to 4 years experience as a painter, realist or abstract, or have taken one of my classes before. A basic understanding of painting (color/paint handling) is needed for this class.

This is an intensive class on how to think about what you are doing, why your are doing it and what you have to say. We will be gathering our reference in the form of studies the first two days. Each night we will have discussions and small thought assignments to prepare for the next day. We will be starting out with gouache studies (even if you’ve never worked with it before) and finish larger works with your medium of choice.

Contact me to sign up for this class at larry@larrymoorestudios.com

I have info on how to plan your trip and accommodations that I will send.

$100 deposit is required to hold your spot.

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to Jun 22

June 19-21 The Bascom, Cashiers NC Abs from Nature

Abstraction from nature workshop with Larry Moore $475


“No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If they did, they would cease to be an artist.” Oscar Wilde

 In this 3-day class we will cover the fundamentals of abstract art. It’s not specifically a non-objective (pure abstract) class, you get to decide the level of abstraction you wish to explore. It is more a learn-how-to-think kind of a class where you will receive a process that you can do on your own at home. It’s a crash course on finding authenticity in your work. We start with a discussion about what abstract is, how it operates and how you can access your individual aesthetic. It is not a how to paint something to look like something class. 

 We start with small studies and work up to larger ideas. As it is a 3 day class we won’t be going large, just 20x20 or so. The class is as affective for beginning and intermediate artists as it is for advanced. All will be challenged. I am versatile in all mediums having worked extensively in pastel, acrylic, oil, gouache and mixed-media. Though I do recommend  acrylic or gouache (opaque watercolor) for versatility and quick drying time.

 There will be one lecture and at 2-3 demos with lots of hands on assistance.


Contact Billy Love blove@TheBascom.org | www.TheBascom.org

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to May 15

May 12-16 Plein Air South

Presenting and demoing and showcasing my inspirational interpretive dance moves. PAS is a cool, low-key, family type plein air symposium held annually in Port St. Joe in the Florida panhandle. While the panhandle did get it’s butt kicked, the show must go on and if I know the people who run this thing, and I do, it will be an amazing gathering of love, creative spirit and painting info. And I will be bringing my A-game.


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to Apr 28

April 24-28 Plein Air Convention and Expo San Francisco, Ca

This is a big national plein air convention that’s held annually, if plein air is your thing, you should go. I’ll be there presenting my field guide for creative seekers and explorers, maybe some gouaching too. In addition, I and 5 other very talented artists, will be discussing our adventures on a journey that we will have just finished by the time the PACE event begins. The journey is a secret… but it’s pretty cool and I don’t think anyone has done anything like it.

For more info go to  https://pleinairconvention.com/

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to Mar 3

Feb 28-Mar 3, Newnan GA Nature abstracted

Nature abstracted XL, 4 day

Want to paint looser, more creative paintings? Want to learn how to think about your process, your voice, your path? That’s what this class is all about. I emphasize building intent by making more definitive choices through understanding and utilization of the components of art making. All mediums and skill levels are welcome. We’ll be going a little larger on this one so class size will be limited.


Contact Millie Gosch at milliegosch@gmail.com

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to Feb 3

Jan 31-Feb 3 St Simons Island, GA Abstraction

Abstraction and intention

Anderson Fine Art Gallery (wait list only)



There are some left-brain activities that can help to unleash that creative giant sitting in the right side of  your brain. The class is called Abstraction and intention and it’s designed to release your creative side, open up your eyes and change the way you look at things. I can tell you from my experience that everyone leaves with new ideas, a renewed excitement for what’s out there.

 We start small and go big. Each time I teach this class I change it up a little, sometimes a lot. All of the exercises are designed to make you think. It’s not a how to, step-by-step or A to Z class. You will go home with a tool set that you’ve never had.

Open to all mediums and levels.


To inquire: mand@mindspring.com

or www.andersonfineartgallery.com

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to Jan 20

Jan 19-20, Horton Hayes studio, Charleston - Gouache

Good Gouache Almighty

Taught by Mark Horton, Chris Groves, and Moi

$450. Limit of 8 people

Learn the versatility of this opaque watercolor medium. It’s seriously my favorite medium. This class is taught by, not one, but 3 artists. We are limited to eight people because of room size but that’s a bonus for the student. This is not a beginners class, you must have some painting experience.

Contact: info@hortonhayes.com

Or Got to Hortonhayes.com to see all of the other weekend classes that we are teaching, one each month.

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to Mar 16

Plein Air South, May 12-16

The fingerprint of the artist

This is going to be a busy year for presentations and such. I’ll be presenting again this year at the Plein Air South symposium. Held in the rising phoenix that is Port St. Joe and Aplachicola… and this is what I’ll be talking about:

The fingerprint of the artist.
What makes an artist unique? How is it that we can identify a favorite painter in a sea of paintings in the blink of an eye? Style, the fingerprint of the artist, is comprised of a unique grouping of the components of the visual language: color, value, edge, shape, drawing, mark making, intent. Learn the process of developing an approach that is unique and authentic to you. 


Plein Air South is a wonderful, fun, friendly event with these amazing artists and phenomenal people. I know them all (not braggin, just sayin’) as good, smart, brilliant, giving people. Y’all come paint!

I know that it is filling up (not just a marketing catch phrase, it is) so get on it if you have not done so already. Go here Plein Air South to find out more.

See you there.


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 Apr. 7-9, Maryland  Abstracting the landscape plein air
to Apr 7

Apr. 7-9, Maryland Abstracting the landscape plein air

April 7-9 Chesapeake Fine Art Studio on Kent Island, Md


Take your work to the next level of painting. This 3 day class is designed to reframe the way you see and retool the way you think about painting outside, while you are painting outside. We focus on the components of creating that are important to you: design, levels of interpretation, concept, color, materials and abstraction. The lessons you learn from this class can be applied to your existing way of working or start you off on a whole new path.

Great for beginners and even better for the more advanced. All mediums/levels welcome. I have painted extensively in oil, acrylic, pastel and also gouache.

To sign up for this class go to www.chesapeakefineartstudio.com

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