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Oct. 30-Nov. 1 Telfair Museum of Art, Savannah, Ga The visual language

The visual language/ Summon the seas 


A 3-day workshop in conjunction with the Telfair Museum in Savannah SC and the exhibit, Summon the Sea, Contemporary artists and Moby Dick.

Ys, the fabled city that sank into the sea as a result of the hubris of its king.

Ys, the fabled city that sank into the sea as a result of the hubris of its king.

The Visual Language workshop is designed to help the artist generate richer, more personal responses to subject/object, incorporating the methods that facilitate digging deeper, concept generation and development, implementation and the relevance of materials and mediums. The class will address components of 2-dimensional communication: concept, narrative, written word, form, paint, collage, mark-making, edge, symbolism, and metaphor. While there will be some emphasis on painting, this is a conceptual process, mixed-media workshop. All levels and mediums are welcome.

The Summon the sea exhibit examines the work of six contemporary artists—Corey Arnold, Guy Ben-Ner, Patty Chang, Tristin Lowe, Allan Sekula, and Frank Stella—who act as epic storytellers as they respond to, challenge, and celebrate the allegories presented in Melville’s literary classic. We examine, through this event and explorative exercises, our own ability to respond and communicate through narrative, allegory and story.

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