a la carte title maker

Robert Genn just sent out this thing on titles, so I sent him this. He probably won't publish it so, here's a system i like to use in titling my art. it's an a la carte title maker. Sorta like ordering your titles from a vietnamese restaurant.  You got your modifiers, nouns and adjectives to choose from. What's that? you want a side of prepositions with that? that'll be $1 extra, on thursdays you can mix and match all you like: Prepositions        modifiers                                     noun Along                         the busy                                            forest By                               my                                                      buddha From                          the dimming                                    carousel pony

In                                a partially broken                           Chico's diner

On the                    shimmering, resplendent                hills                                                                                                                                                   Our lady of                a big bowl of                                    sheep please enjoy my painting which I call   " From the dimming carousel pony forest "