My grandmothers good eye

Many years back my father and I went to visit his sister, Antenna, at least that's how she is known to me. She was cleaning house, out with the old and in with the only slightly more contemporary. There on the floor next to the table was a stack of photo albums from my grandmother and they were heading to the curb. Why people throw out old photos that encapsulate where their ancestors have been, I have no idea. But I opened one up and what I saw blew me away.  You know how granma's are, they start out old and just get older. She was the kind of woman who somehow made crotchety charming. Sweet yet bitter at the same time, but I really didn't know much about her. As it turns out, She was a fascinating woman. She traveled the world as a young woman in an opera troupe, worked for the office of General Pershing abroad during WWI, was in the Woman's Army Corps, went to Nagasaki and walked through the rubble after it was bombed and she took pictures of all this stuff. She was an amazing woman with an amazingly good eye. I contend that these would hold up in any museum photography exhibit or book of old travel photos by crotchety grandparents...  so with Antenna's blessing I took an album home and now I have a bunch of these. I should have taken them all. Good eye granma. grampics