Arboretum Ad perpetuam rei memoriam

Palm grove 30x40

Ad perpetuam rei memoriam For the perpetual remembrance of the thing. The Jacksonville Arboretum and gardens invited about 25 artists to come and paint for three days, the proceeds of the sales going to benefit the park. It's a beautiful little place but it's most impressive feature is that it was created by volunteers. At one time it was an unofficial public dumping ground until a hand full of people cleared out the crap others left behind and hand cut about 10 miles of trails. Just because.

For a second annual event it was pretty first rate. They had all the bugs worked out; a huge number of enthusiastic volunteers, host homes, wet tent, massive amounts of water and muffins and a decent place to hang the show with great food and open bar. The one thing they couldn't control was the weather. There's an old saying, "you can't get wool from an ass" or in Latin, Ab asino lanam, which has nothing to do with anything other than I thought it was funny. The saying is, "if you want it to rain, have an art festival". True to form, it dumped on the third day, the day they had hoped people would show up at the now extremely wet tent and gobble up the art. So it was more nibbling than gobbling.

Now, though I had heard sales were pretty good last year and that they had presold a fair amount of art... sort of a redeemable art coupon, I never know what will happen. I'm hoarding work right now for a one person show at Arts on Douglas in May so most of my painting now is with that event in mind. And I want larger plein air pieces for that, I painted the above piece using my man easel and a lotta paint. The nice thing about painting large other than the inherent freedom of the larger scale is that people tend to notice more. While painting it two very nicely dressed ladies were wandering through and stayed to talk while I painted. As soon as I turned it in one of those nice ladies bought it. A very pleasant surprise. And she came back with her mother the next day to take a look at the piece below.

Jones Creek 16x20

Neither bought Jones Creek but Mom did say she might like a larger version. You just never know how it will go with these things but I'm starting to have more faith in the long term strategy of beleiving that something good comes from every good effort eventually. If I am wise, I will follow up forthwith and not let the iron grow cold. So anyways, the above painting was a fun challenge... handling copious amounts of green and busy. It was a one shot painting as was the top piece.

Next up is something a half a click over on the experimentometer. I had just looked at the work of Daniel Pinkam and was inspired to push my color a little. And also to edit more. It helped that it was dumping buckets and the distant shore would practically disappear in a scrim of gray blue rain.

Then there is this piece of crap. Started 2 days before but the light kept going in and out... I just left it for another day. Revisited it on the rain day under a tent from a photo on my iPad, but no matter what I did it wouldn't get better. I'll leave it alone and get fresh eyes on it. Too much green yuck.

A model A 12x16

Another saying, Semper letteris mandate, always get it in writing. I was introduced to a guy who kept one of his fixer upper cars in my hosts barn. Saw it driving in and wanted to paint it anyway but it was not on the arboretum property. He said, when introduced, that he wanted an artist to paint this particular car, I said I'd be happy to. But we did not agree on a price, I made the assumption that he had bucks from his attire and his old car habit. I got up early Sunday morn and went to work figuring he'd show up, fall in love with it and pay a fair price. He didn't. I was going to leave it with my host with a price until she said "Oh he was thinking more around $100". Oooops. So, it's mine for now.

I'll end with these, I found a english to latin translator, they could come in handy..

Ego evomuit in plantatorem, mea malum I barfed in your planter, my bad. Ubi te emere tua gladiator vestimenta? Where do you get your gladiator clothes? Haec catholicam officia sunt sic amet These Catholic services are so boring Ego aliquid in nasum? Do I have something in my nose? Sic vos respice adipem in quod habitu Yes you do look fat in that dress Tua infantem est non attractiva That is one ugly baby Forte in forum ad rem ridiculam A funny thing happened on the way to the forum

Proxima tempus!