Redux deluxe

So I have a show coming up at the McBride Gallery in Annapolis called "every day moments" a genre show. And I've been working on a series of studio paintings to go in it, just two or three, maybe four. I've got a workshop coming up next week and the paintings need to be there also next week. The first two I did were, well, I'm very proud of them, but I'm running out of time. Fortunately this painting came back from a gallery and it fits the genre theme and it's about a year old. When I first painted it I thought it was pretty good... when it came back, it was dark, stiff, more rendered than painted and just sort of boring.

I like the general composition, it just needed a little nip and a little tuck. In order to lighten it and keep from doing the same thing I had already done, I glazed it with a lot of liquin, a little white and a little warm color to knock back the background. Then just let the paint fly. I repainted everything except for a few spots, made some minor drawing and color changes but overall just loosened it up. I posted them next to each other, redo on the top, so you could go back and forth and look for the stuff I did change. As if you had nothing better to do.