Artists Helping Artists radio interview

interview The AHA podcast was quite an honor for me, it came about thanks to a recommendation from Scott Christensen. It's got a pretty impressive roster of interviewees, like Joe McGurl, Scott C, just to drop some names. After a pre-interview, Leslie Saeta and co-host Margaret Sheldon came up with a great list of questions about my work and teaching style. The only catch was they wanted me to be on a land line, which I don't have (who does anymore?) or be in a place with a really good signal. My house is terrible for that, I get dropped calls all the time, same with the studio, so I drove around looking for a peaceful spot with good reception and brilliantly (or actually not) found a lice little park with no activity.

It lasted an hour and twenty minutes and during the course of it I had leaf blowers, chains saws, blowing winds, fire trucks etc.. It was sorta funny but all worked out. So if you have time to kill while you paint, give it a listen. Just click on the word interview at the top of the post.