The 10 commandments, Amen(ded).

A redux of an old post, rewritten for an upcoming workshop.

The artists 10 commandments:

1) To thine own self be true.

2) Stealeth not the fruits of thy neighbor, but groweth thine own.

3) Seeketh balance but avoideth the center.

4) Knoweth value then form and good color shall surely follow.

5) Covet not thy fellow artists good fortune for it shall only send you into iniquity.

6) Thou shalt judgeth not any other art form lest ye be judged.

7) Maketh not yourself into an idol.

8) Worketh as the oxen but playeth as the monkey.

9) Be-eth thou eternally humble and knoweth that sales maketh not the artist. Though it doth helpeth.

10) Walketh the path of the true masters of art (the deader the better) then findeth your own.


P.S. The first person to name all 10 artists represented in this collage of tree chunks will get a small painting free O' charge. Good luck.

Update on the guessing thing... Somebody finally did it... Carol Platt guessed them all with no small effort, she kept at it till she got them all. So she gets a free painting! Here are all the artists represented above.  From tippy-top going clockwise: Wendt, Ryder, Dixon, Lawson, dead center is Seurat, Backhaus, Inness, Klimt, Wendt (again), Van Gogh and finally Bischoff. Congrats Carol, you have earned it!

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