Busy busy

I've been pretty busy of late. It's a full time job keeping up with the galleries, not because they are selling like crazy but because after a while, the work goes stale. People coming in time and time again and seeing the same work hanging there, well, they just lose interest. If I'm not giving them new work on a regular basis then in the eyes of the viewing public, it's same old same old. What have you done for me lately. My gallery in Charleston, Horton Hayes, emailed me and said, hey, it's time for new work.  I sent them a boat painting I was just working on and they said, "great!". So I sat down, or actually stood up at the easel and did 2 30x30's and 4 20x20's.. still working on the last one. I'll post that later, trying to take pics in progress for a demo post. Here's what I did in the last 2 weeks. The emphasis here is loose and fast, it's better that way.

and this last one, which I'm calling Harbor lights, got the last minute addition of lights to the buildings after Matthew Cornell came in and said that it might work better with the dusky nature of the light. But I did it after I shot these, I'll take another pic later and post it.

I sent them shots from my iphone the second each one was done and ordered frames already. Whatever they don't want will go to other galleries.