Demo #4

Can't seem to load images on my computer to wordpress so I'm trying my iPhone app. Here's a step by step of a 20x20 I did for my gallery in charleston. The pics are straight from the phone without cropping. Okay, that seemed to work. got a glitch in my links or something. I'll post better shots once I get this fixed. Anyway I didn't get a shot of the initial drawing but it was simply the basic keylines that form the angles of the roof, the lines of the dock and curves of the boat, the first pic still shows the framework in a pale brown wash. I'm working on painting these really loose so I'm using a large synthetic sable flat to goosh in the color and as the painting progresses I'll used different brushes to fudge the edges.

The initial block in always starts with the darkest colors to establish the values and color tones, everything else gets judged by these notes. I may go back in and restate the darks or even lighten or add more color but this is the start.

More color, in the midtones mostly, establishing the larger shapes that I can later rework and subdivide.

Reworking the water a little. Water is tricky, I first establish the color of what is under the surface so that I can later come back in and put the reflected light on top, mimicking the way water works.

Everything has been established in terms of color and value and the rest is tweaking. Deciding which things need to be brighter or warmer or darker and what edges need to be softened or hardened with the goal of leading the eye around the canvas.

The water has been reworked a few times to get closer to the complicated variations of the underwater color, the surface reflections of sky and boats and stuff that sticks up here and there.

This final version shows a brightening of the sky, and final touches to the water. There's  alot of subtle color stuff that's lost in these pics but again as soon as I get the media link back I'll post better shots.