Charleston, which, once you have been there is pronounced "Yeee-uuuuuummmmy". It is some kind of cool town. Great looking, great people, great food, a ton of galleries and because of this last fact, a very supportive and encouraging place to paint. I've been in the Horton Hayes gallery for several years and somehow have managed to not meet any of the people there and I owed them new work and there was the CFADA art walk and they invited me to come up and stay.... so I did. I figured it was time for me to get up there and get to know these people and maybe paint the street scenes and stuff. This is a one sitting 20x20 done right down the street from the gallery.

From the moment I arrived I was greeted with great southern hospitality and warmth. The owners of the gallery, Mark Horton and Cindy Hayes, were kind and gracious and all the artists were really nice and fun to hang with. Chris Groves is a skilled painter of romantic marsh scenes and still lifes, Shannon Rundquist great painter of still lifes of indigenous life forms, Nancy Hoerter beautiful flowers and Mark Horton who had a full show with Chris on the English countryside.... killer paintings all and instant family to me.

20x20, 2 tripper painting of East Bay Street.

Painting there was a lagniappe all by itself. When I paint here in my home town out on the streets people just don't give a ratsbutt, but there, everyone was complimentary, stopped to talk and watch and find out who I was. I can't tell you how many folks walked or drove by with a "that's beautiful" or "great work, who are you?"... very supportive and refreshing. I don't know why it took me so long to get up there but I am for sure going back.

20x20 in progress. I thought my proportions were off until I saw this shot that Mark took.

Mark and I talked about my coming back for an extended stay to paint... maybe a couple of weeks and then a show. I barely scratched the surface of what is there to paint. Marshes, architecture ga-lore, horse drawn carriages, boats n water, history. And now that I have new family there, I'll feel right at home. If you get a chance stop by the gallery and say hi. You will not be disappointed, I promise.

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