If sargent were alive today

Hello is this John? Yes? Who's this? This is Eddie Boit? You're workin on a pitcher of my girls? Yes? Yeah so I want to talk to you about some changes. Sigh. What kind? Yeah well it seems our oldest ran off with one of them little people from the circus, which woulda been okay 'cept that he was Catholic. You need to take her out, she's the one who looks bored. Which one? Sorry, the one closest to the vase. Maybe move the little princess over some too. You know, close up the gap. I don't want to tell you what to do or nuthin. Right. Okay, I'll have it done in a week. Don't suppose you can send me the first payment as you had committed? Hello? Hello Johnny? Yes. Yeah it's me Eddie. Hey that looks great but I was thinkin... Do I really need to pay for two vases? Seriously dude. I'm not made a money. Oh and also, the wife is a bit miffed you didn't put her in. Can you sorta just stick her in real quick in the back shadows, y'know, don't spend more than an hour or so. No biggie. Oh man. Okay, yeah sure. Listen about that payment... hello? Yeah hello John-boy. I know you're there. I hear you breathin...Listen good work but I just realized... did you even bother to measure the couch this thing is going over? I mean this thing is huge. I don't really think I need to be spendin pounds on all that acreage if it ain't even gonna fit... how many pounds you think I got anyway? I'm gonna go 4 maybe 450. Mr. Funnywiseguy. Just get it done and put somethin in that corner on the left. It needs somethin. Maybe a pitcher of me or somepin. Yeah Hello Johny? Christ.... Yeah, I dunno, it's missin somethin. Some color maybe. Did you look at the fabric swatches at all? Can you paint it more like that Monet fella? Is that your best price?...... hello?