Oooops, I did it again

oops paint block in 30x40

Hey... I forgot I was supposed to actually post on this blog thingy. Actually I've been traveling a ton and painting a bunch and learning more stuff that I didn't know I didn't know.... also I got locked out of my admin page for a month, then I was stolen by gypsies and was trained to become a sultry Bollywood star and am now living in Bangladesh with my 9 children. Since my last post, I have been to Door County, it's up in one of those big lakes up there that I could name in high-school, Maine painting with PAP=SE, Grand Canyon painting with BAPA (Bad Ass Painters of America), Sedona painting with KAPOW (Kick Ass Painters of the West) and then Charleston SC with the PAP-SE generation again. Also frankly and for true, I felt that I got my ass kicked (artistically) a bit in Door County by a painter or two, that my butt shifted from south pole to north. The potato went from the back to the front (old joke). I actually didn't feel like writing anything for a while while I gathered my thoughts. I'll get to all of that stuff later, for now I'll write about the easier things, happier things. I will say that the Plein Air events, while fun and good fer larnin stuff, can be emotionally and financially draining, so no more for a while.

After I returned from yet another paint out I realized that I have been ignoring my galleries and it was time to get as much work done as fast as possible to get them new stuff before I set off for yet another paint out. And what better way to get a bunch of paintings done quickly than my patented "ooops method of painting" or OMOP for short. As previously posted Oooops paints are the latex house paint returns you can find at Home Depot and probably any paint store, these just happen to be pint size random values that are warm and cool. Perfect for slathering on loose, swoopy, goopy strokes of drippy color that allow me create a grayscale drawing with actual paint. And as the paint is latex acrylic, much like gesso, I'm not worried about archival.

Once the gray map dries I add a glaze of mother color to unify the various gray hues and start scumbling, mopping, palette knifing and buttering up the surface with oil, I even look for tools that I hadn't thought of yet; feather duster, squeegee, adjustable spud wrench and a #4 shingle froe. It's made painting more fun for me. Above is the before block in and the after with color on a 30x40.

blu pink and green 30x40


natures best 36x48

perfect day 24x30