Laguna #5 part 2Here are a few pics from some of my fav artists at the show. There was a lot that I liked but somehow I only took a handful of pics with my iPhone. 5 actually. I'm hoping they don't mind my posting these because I will only be saying good stuff... except that sunnzabijjez thing. I say it with respect. And maybe some envy. It just seems to come with the territory.

ray roberts 20x24

This painting was chosen as best of show by Jean Stern, he's the curator of the Irvine Museum and specializes in California Impressionists and he knows what he is talking about and though I loved it, it wasn't my fav. This one was.

ray roberts 20x24

I've written about Ray before, I think he's one of the best going in the country. He's a great designer, beautiful color, inventive compositions. This one has it all for me, it's powerful. It messed with my head for a while because it felt like the wave was going out and not coming in. Took me a while to realize that it was because the land mass went out of the frame to the left suggesting it was connected to something, like the state of California. So the wave felt like it was going in the wrong direction. Once I got passed that I could really just view it for its strengths. The water is rich and transparent, his shapes are simple and full of color. He doesn't fuss edges much. Just strong work.

John Burton 16x20

This one is by John Burton and I cannot say enough good things about him, one of my other top fav artists. A super great guy, fun to paint with, great sense of humor and down to earth point of view. He and I painted the same scene at the same time. What I came up with was adequate but what he came up with blew my doors open. He painted the foreground in shadow and the background in light, which never happened but it sure works better for it. Love his color and shapes and brush work too. Sunzabijjez!

roger dale brown 11x14?

Roger, another great guy that I'm proud to call my friend. We met on a pack trip that Scott Christensen put together years back. For the most part every guy from that trip is now a life long friend. Anyway, this painting has such a great, simple structure to it. It takes on a nearly abstract direction but still tells you what it is. There's a wonderful lesson in it too; big simple shapes with subtle color modulation in the shapes. Ray does that too but when you have only a few main shapes shapes they and their edges become critical. Hard and soft, lost an found.

Jill Carver

A painters painter. Jill wins a lot of artist choice awards. I just thought it was inventive. Not a grand view but a microcosm that is both representational and abstract. She had the brilliant idea to just focus on one spot. She's a hoot too. Great to hang out with. Okay... just a few more.

Robert Watts 11x14

If there was a Sunnzabijjez award for drawing and paint handling. I would drive to Roberts house and hand it to him on a red carpet.

Peggy Kroll Roberts

One of the things that I respond to in Peggys work is her narrative. She's about the only artist who doesn't add people in as an element. They are there for a reason. Her work has a strength and a modernist edge, it's not about pretty, it's got balls. I would make comparisons of her work to certain modernist mid-20th century artists, but then I'd have to open up one of my art history books and I'm too lazy for that. But she is unique. There were many pieces I wish I had taken some pics of, by Bryan Mark Taylor, Gavin Brooks, Thomas Kitts but I didn't. But they are all dagfraggin sunnzabijjez. All of em. And I say that with respect.