the block in

i had just finished a damn decent painting and was feeling a little cocky about my one color design (see below) and so was prepared to prevail and sail through with flying colors in the block in stage. But no. I bought this canvas, not what I'm used to, gave it two coats of gesso and somehow made it too slick. The paint just would not come off the brush, I felt like I was trying to open a bottle of childrens aspirin with oven mits on, and it really f-d with my head. I couldn't arrive at a color if I had mapquested it, it was like everything I knew went away. That whole talk about edges I made a few posts back was wasted on me. And I wrote it.  I just decided to get the whole thing blocked in and let it dry, use the texture from the dry paint to help pull off the next layer. Is there a lesson here? One canvas, one surface, stick to it and don't switch up mid-stream or it will mess with your head. I don't think I'm going to get this done by tomorrow. I may have to take it with me and ship it later in the week. arrrrgggghhhhhh.