it could be worse

I was talking with Lynn Whipple at the studio the other day about the life of the artist and we agreed that it's a tough existence. No idea where the next paycheck is coming from, no benefits, no one to tell us when to work or what to work on, no quality control guy or production managers. We live on faith that something will sell when we really need it to. It's a scary time to be an artist but it could be worse. I wanted to come up with a list, a pecking order of sorts, that ranks the performing and visual art types in order of respectable to not so much, the proviso is that money is attached somehow. With some help from Lynn,  Matthew and Rachel Cornell. My apologies to the sign spinners: Artists

Art fair artists

Craft fair artists

Street musicians




Street poets

Balloon artists

Statue lady

Foamy cell phone costume person

Face painters



That guy with all the cats

The other guy with all the parrots

Chinese production line copyists

Bikini hot dog girl

Sign spinners