What would JSS do?

It's the day after the show up here in callaway gardens. It was a first time event and they pulled out all the stops for the artists. They put us up in their cottages, wined and dined us, they just loaded us up with southern hospitality. I wanted to post more earlier but frankly I didn't have the time. At the end of each day I'd crawl into bed pick up my iPhone to some bidness and promptly pass out.When I come to a new area to produce on demand I always bring a back up plan in the form of a softcover book on John singer Sargent. I flip through it not so much for ideas but to remind me what's possible when you have no fear and also super human painting skills. One of the many things Sargent excelled at was putting the center of interest in an odd place and balancing it with a lot of pattern. I marvel at his ability to take something mundane and turn it into gold through the alchemy of paint. I think his work influenced this painting of flowers, lillies I guess they are. I don't ever paint them but when you're in the garden.... I saw a grouping and a line in the flowers that z'd it's way back. And using a Sargent trick I pushed the background back to really play up the center of interest.